Bondi Builds came to life during Covid quarantine. As a family, we were very strict about interacting with anyone outside of our bubble. Mike (dad) and Michael (15 year old son at the time) started playing around in our storage room. Soon Michael became interested in woodworking. Michael¬†built all sorts of different crafts, a box for his grandfather’s walker, a table for our patio and finally settled into charcuterie boards. Mike and Michael decided to handcraft ten boards for a local not for profit as part of their virtual fundraiser…and the rest is history. Between Mike’s background in construction and Michael’s interest in woodworking, Bondi Builds was born.

The Real Boss

Teenager, family proclaimed artisan

Mike Bondi
Leader extraordinaire

Felicia Bondi
All the Extra Stuff

Communications, billing, and all the things. etc.

Brother and Opinion Giver